It works! I know because I am a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (Podiatrist) and I research all the products I recommend. I only use products in my office that have proven successful. On Your Toes is one of those products.

Proof of successful treatment is in all the repeat customers and feedback I have received.

If you, a member of your family, or a friend have this embarrassing condition, then try this treatment. It's worth it.


Dr. Larry Minkoff D.P.M.,

In todays marketing and sales environment, it is no wonder why we have become extremely skeptical regarding products and their claims of their performance. As a personal testimonial, I have a drawer full of other manufacturers products that boast to do what this product really does. They all pale in comparison to On Your Toes. It's amazing!! From the ease of use to it's lasting protection, you have earned a customer for life. My hats off to you for delivering a product that actually does what it says and beyond... Thank you,


Robert R

This product is remarkable. After purchasing many different foot powders to get rid of the nasty odor in my shoes, this one actually works! I thought I was going to have to toss a few pairs of shoes, but this product saved them. It doesn't mask the odor, it kills it. For the results you get, On Your Toes is worth every penny!


Catherine H.
Los Angeles, CA

The powder really works! I was a bit skeptical at first because you only need to use it for three consecutive days, but the odor is gone. It also works when you put the powder in your shoes. I avoided having to throw out 4 of my shoes because of this powder and I would definitely recommend it to all of my family and friends.


Michael W,
Fort Lauderdale FL

This is my second order. What a miraculous product this is! I didn't think anything would ever help with my child's problem, but On Your Toes delivered just as you said it would. Thank you so much!


Susan H,
Atlanta GA

I live in northern Michigan and have been using your product for over ten years! This is the only product that has completely eliminated my foot odor! My podiatrist introduced me to this product and I have been ordering it since. I just wanted to send a "GREAT JOB" to you and your laboratory. This product should be at all major retailers and pharmacies!


Thank you for many years of odor-free feet!


Don W,

This is the second batch of On Your Toes I have ordered. My son is overjoyed by it's effectiveness. From grossly smelly, pitted and sore feet and being embarrassed about taking off his work boots in the messroom, he can now happily change his boots before leaving work of an evening. He now has feet as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom!



Most people with chronic foot odor problems have grown to think that it is just an unpleasant fact of life for them and those around them because they have tried everything in the supermarket without success. It's true; nothing you can buy in traditional stores addresses the core problem: odor-forming bacteria. They all just try to absorb or cover up the smell with charcoal or scents. This product is revolutionarily different from others you will find because it actually KILLS the bacteria that cause foot odor. Therefore, it actually eliminates (not just suppresses) foot odor, and it truly lasts for several months per application. Before I found On Your Toes, I had a constant battle with foot odor; now I (and everyone I have shared the secret with) have been foot-odor free for years. Thank you!


John V.,
San Diego CA

It's been 6 months and it's all true. This is the best product I ever ordered off the internet. My son's feet and sneakers were so bad he was getting teased by everyone. We couldn't stand to be in close quarters with him. It was really getting out of hand. Then I read the testimonial that said someone's feet smelled like a rose after the treatment. It's so true! What a difference On Your Toes made! His feet smell great now. The horrible odor is just a bad memory. But if it ever comes back, I know just what to do!


Randolph, NJ